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The Difficulties of Getting a Full Time Job with a Bad Economy

Are you struggling to make ends meet these days?  If so, you are not alone.  Unemployment rates are at an all time high, and most exceed what they were over 25 years ago.  This makes for a very difficult and discouraging job market.  This is most likely one of the worst times many of us have witnessed when it comes to landing a job.

Coupled with the fact that so many people are unemployed and that jobs are much scarcer than in the past, this makes finding a full time job more difficult than ever.  With so many people looking for work, and so little work being available, this can really be tough for even the highest of educated people.

Just the other day, I heard on the news that 700 people had applied for a janitorial position in the United States. Can you imagine that? This is a blue collar job that most certainly renders a low wage, and 700 people applied for it?  This is a huge indicator of just how trying these times are.

If you are unfortunate enough to have lost your job, and are looking for a full time job in this difficult economy, you should certainly brace yourself for a lot of rejection.  For many of us, this time represents when we must put on a thick skin and trudge through rejection after rejection until we can finally find employment.

The difficulties of getting a full time job with this economy are numerous and so discouraging that may of us tend to get stressed out at the mere thought of having to try and find work.  This is not a task for the weary, and in order to succeed you must be prepared to do a lot of searching with the possibility of rejection after rejection before you actually land a job

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