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Right Way of Paving Slabs in Victoria

Are you looking for tips on the right way of paving slabs in Victoria? Home improvement projects are pretty popular these days. People want to live in a nice looking house and work out on home improvement projects to make it possible. Home renovations and improvements can dramatically transform your house from old and dull to sparkling new. Laying paving slabs for your pathway or patio is one particular home improvement that can enhance the look of your house. You have enjoyed quality time with your family outside your house and it will not hurt if you wanted some improvements on your favorite spot in the house, well aside from the kitchen that is. However, you need to keep in mind that installing paving slabs on your patio can be a labor intensive project that can require long time of unpleasant things to do. Well, you need to start from scratch so this is the case. Here are some of the things you need to do to create a beautiful patio by laying paving slabs on your pathway.

1.    You need to prepare for the project. You just cannot go your way doing anything you want before proceeding with this project. If you wanted to obtain a professional finish, you have to carefully prepare for this home improvement project to achieve the output that you expect to see. Make sure that you plan out the area to be covered so you will determine the extra space to be allotted for drainage in order for the water to drain away smoothly. See to it that you dug just the right depth in the area enough for the slabs to evenly lie together.

2.    The ground must be compact and even so that you will have a flawless foundation for the slabs. Foundation is very important in laying slabs because this determines the quality of your output. You can purchase crushed rock mix from DIY stores. Spread adequate layer of these crushed rocks for 2-3 inches deep evenly. See to it that the foundation is compact and can support the slabs perfectly.

3.    Install the slabs once the foundation is compacted. Prepare the sand and cement mixture that will serve as adhesive for the slabs. It usually is composed of one part cement and five parts sand. Apply yet one more layer of crushed rocks and top it up with the sand and cement mixture before laying the slabs. Press the slabs into place with a plank of wood.

4.    In case you find this job too laborious, contact professional to do this job for you. Ask for at least three price quotations from Victoria contractors. The cheapest job price may not always be the wiser choice. Take a look at the companies’ track record before taking your pick.

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