Swimming pool lights

Different kinds of lights in the swimming pools

Even though it is nice to swim in the middle of the day where the sun is shining, some people would prefer to swim in the evening where no one can see them. But to swim in the evening, you still need to see the course to avoid accidental drowning and the likes. That is why it is important for you to install lights in the swimming pools, especially if you really like to swim in the evening. In order to do that, you must figure out what kind of swimming pool lights will suit you the best. Here are several different lights for swimming pools. In addition, you can learn a lot about the swimming pool lights and every other equipment in case you need a swimming pool builder in Croatia by clicking on: cijena izgradnje bazena .

LED lights

LED is probably one of the most popular lights in the swimming pool. For various different reasons. The best thing about LED lights is that they are energy efficient and friendly to the environment. In addition to being green, they are also highly durable in which one LED lights can last up until fifteen years. Therefore, you will save on a budget even more so by installing them in your swimming pool. If you are looking for the best lights but also economical, LED lights are the best options for you.

Incandescent Lights

We all know that LED lights provide such a costly initial installation in your swimming pool. But incandescent lights are different and on the opposite pole of it. In the initial installation, incandescent lights are so much cheaper, in fact they are the cheapest lights in the swimming pools right now. But that does not mean that they can save up more budgets in the future. They will be easily damaged and does not have the same durability as LED lights. In that sense, you will only pay a little cost in the beginning, but will have to make up for it in the next future.

Fiber Optics Lights

The main advantage that you can have from having fiber optic lights in the swimming pools is that they are a lot of fun. They come in a variety of colors in which you can choose from for your swimming pool. Plus, they are a lot easier to maintain especially when they are in need of changing. But on the other side of that, they are definitely a lot costlier than the previous two lights. Moreover, fiber optic lights also do not have the overall durability that the LED lights have.

Solar lights

Just like a regular solar light, solar lights in the swimming pools are definitely energy friendly. They can reduce the total cost of electricity because they are using the energy from the sun. It also means that they can shine a lot longer, and their durability is something that is desired by many people. But the negative side of having a solar light is the initial cost that comes with the installation. Among all four lights mentioned above, solar lights possess the highest installation cost. But you probably do not have to deal with electricity in years to come, which makes it worthy enough.


The Best Tips on Swimming pool maintenance

There is nothing more refreshing than having a swimming pool in the summer and be able to dive into it. Just like your other properties, swimming pool needs to be maintain and taken care of. And to do so, you will need to know the right way to take care of your swimming pool. There are plenty things about swimming pool maintenance that you can do in order keep them solid and durable. We are here to show you four different tips of swimming pool maintenance and you might or might have not known before.

Replace Chlorine with baking soda

We all know that chlorine is the most common chemical used in swimming pools to prevent bacteria and other ad stuffs. But do you know that there are so many negative things about chlorine? Not only it is a chemical that can be too aggressive for our skin and eyes, they are also allergic to some people. For that very reason, you can replace chlorine with baking soda to clean out all the bacteria. Not only they are safer and definitely healthier for our body, baking soda are in fact a lot cheaper and can be acquired in almost every store in the country.

Get rid of the oil easily

Human body is naturally containing of natural oil that can be shed when they enter a body of water. Just like when you are in the swimming pools, you leave a residue of oil in the water which can make your pool dirty. The tips on cleaning oil in the swimming pool are probably not the thing that you will expect. The best swimming pool maintenance tips regarding getting rid of oil in the pool is by using a tennis ball. Tennis ball material has the ability to absorb the oil in the pool without making your pool dirty.

All that leaves

If you have a backyard pool, chance is that you will have plenty of fallen leaves inhibiting the pool. As a regular but unforgettable swimming pool maintenance tips, you need to regularly clean your pool from those leaves. You need to regularly skimming the surface of your pool from thrashes so that it stays clean all the time. Furthermore, cleaning your pools from leaves and thrash will eliminate all the chance of you catching a bacteria or dangerous virus that can be triggered by that trash.

Ask for experts’ assistance

If you cannot do all the work of cleaning your swimming pool by yourself, you can always ask for an expert to help you with all the work. Professionals can really help in the field where you cannot do by yourself such as pool filter, preparing for winter, and other stuffs. Of course you will have to spend a little extra cost if you decide to hire professional to clean your pool. But when talking about swimming pool maintenance, there is nothing that can beat a healthy yet refreshing swimming pool whether it is in the summer or in the winter.


Different Attractions for Swimming Pools

There is nothing more refreshing than having fun in a swimming pool or a water park when the summer comes. If you are planning to go to a water park or a swimming pool with you r family, you might need to prepare yourself. You should know what kind of attractions for swimming pools that you might see in the water park just for security. By knowing the kind of attraction there is, you will be able to prepare all the necessary precautions when going into the swimming pools. Here are four different attractions for swimming which is commonly seen in every water park around the country.

Water Slide

Water slide is the most commons attractions for swimming pools in all over the country. Water slides are mostly a safe ride for all age especially the kids. Just like the name, water slides are a set of slides that is installed on a swimming pool with water flowing to ease the sliding. They usually go from outside the pool into the pool itself, creating a fun launch for people at any age. Although this kind of ride might not be suitable for kids under five years old especially without supervision from an adult.

Water Tube Slides

Water tube slides are somewhat similar to the regular water slides and they are now highly popular among water parks. The main difference is that instead of a regular slide, the slide is in the form of a tube. While you might see water slides in shallow swimming pools, water tube slides are mostly in deeper swimming pools. For those very reasons, this is the kind of attractions for swimming pools that is more suitable for adults. If your kids want to take on this ride, you should be supervising them at all times to prevent accidents.

Wave Pool

Nowadays, plenty of water parks have these really popular attractions for swimming pools called the wave pool. Unlike any regular swimming pool, this kind of pool has something extra in it. Wave pool can create a set of waves in a frequent time, making you feel like you are swimming in the sea. The wave is usually set on a specific interval to resemble those of the sea. And this attraction is less dangerous for children because it is usually made with different level of depth. You still need to supervise your kid not to wander to the deeper part of the pool.

Lazy River

Just like the name, lazy river is a good attraction for swimming pools when you are feeling a little lazy. The shape of the ride resembles a river with no current or heavy stream. Thus, you can float with your balloon all day without having to swim or playing something and spend too much energy. Lazy River is certainly one of the safest swimming pool attractions there is for it has no stream or depth. So if you want to chill and relax in the water park or a swimming pool, this is the correct attraction.


The Pros and Cons of Having Concrete Swimming Pools

If we are talking about the types of swimming pools, there are actually a lot of types out there to choose from. If you want to build a swimming inside your house, you probably have considered about building concrete swimming pools. Concrete swimming pools are good for a lot of reasons, just as much as it has disadvantages for plenty of reasons. If you are still considering what kind of swimming pools you want to have, this article might be able to help you. Here are the main pros and cons regarding having a concrete swimming pool in your house.

Pros #1: Freedom in design

If you are considering about having a vinyl or fiber glass swimming pool, there are only limited numbers of design that you can incorporate into such as square or terrace shape. But with concrete swimming pools, you can actually design any kind of shape or form to your swimming pool. Having a freedom in swimming pool design should be a blast especially if you only have a small space of lot. Whether you want it to be deep, wide, narrow, or shallow, you can have it all with just a little bit of imagination and cement.

Pros #2: Durability in hand

Concrete is known to be a solid base for a construction including swimming pools. In that matter, concrete swimming pools are also highly solid and provide such a long lasting construction for your dream swimming pool. So if you want to have a swimming pool that can be used for a long time, concrete swimming pool might be the answer for you. Durability is certainly a good value in a swimming pool. So it will not only add a value to the pool itself, concrete swimming pools will also be good for the value of your house.

Cons #1: Longer Building Time

There are a lot more process involved in the construction and finishing of making concrete swimming pools. First, you need to dig a hole in the lot before you can fill it in with the cement or concrete. Then, you have to mold it and finish it with tiling or any other material that you want. In short, building a concrete swimming will usually take a lot more time than other kind of swimming pool. Of course it means that you’re going to have to wait more to enjoy your swimming pool because of the longevity in the building process.

Cons #2: More Maintenance and more cleaning

One of the best reasons of having a fiber glass or vinyl swimming pool is their ability to be cleaner. In that sense, concrete swimming pools do have the tendency to be grown by various organisms such as algae and moss. Therefore, you will need a lot more and more frequent cleaning session for your concrete swimming pool. And in order to do that, you might have to use plenty of chemical that can be detrimental to you or the people who swims a lot in the swimming pool.